Adding Quizzes in Panopto

One of the many additional features in Panopto is the option to build quizzes into any recording, which could be used to encourage active participation with the video as well as reinforcing the most important parts of the lecture.

The quiz feature in Panopto is not the most sophisticated in terms of possible question types or settings, however the simplicity of the setup makes the setting up of the quiz simpler. It is possible to have quizzes at multiple points throughout the recording, and each quiz can have one or more questions.

Question types

There are only three question types to select from:

  • True/False
  • Multiple Choice
  • Multiple Select

Once you have selected your question type, simply type in the question and for multiple choice and select questions, type in the correct and incorrect answers. When setting up the test, the correct answer is indicated by a radio button; it is possible to have more than one correct answer (multiple select), in which case the correct answers are indicated by a check box. All the question types allow for optional feedback text which can be used in conjunction with the mark.

Question settings

As the students are watching the recording, the video will stop when it gets to the quiz, which will appear on the main playback screen. This allows the student to answer the question(s), submit the quiz and receive feedback. Once it is completed, the video will resume.

It is possible to set the number of attempts allowed, whether or not the results should be revealed and whether or not the students can review the correct answers, and any explanations you may have added. It is also possible to stop the video from playing until the quiz has been completed.

Where can I see the results?

To view the results of the tests, you would need to go to the settings area for the recording, and once someone has tried taking the quiz, a tab called ‘Quiz Results’ will appear.

It is possible to see the overall results summary, detailed results by the section as well as the highest scorer, and it is possible to download an excel file, although this would need some work if you wanted to upload any scores to Blackboard.

Screenshot of Quiz Results Summary in Panopto

So, in summary, this could be a really useful tool for formative learning and it is quick to set up. Writing meaningful questions, given the limitations of question types, would probably be what takes the longest in this process.

Want to know more?

The Learning and Development Centre offer a session called ‘Event Capture (Panopto) – Editing Recordings‘ which also covers how to set up quizzes. Alternatively, come and see us in the Learning Innovation Unit (3Q64) for advice.

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