Blackboard module run transitions

This page takes you through the transition from main module run to the feedback run and resit run, highlighting the key action points for module leaders/teams.

Hover your mouse cursor over the diagram below to highlight the main action points for module leaders/teams. Full details are provided at the foot of this page or you can download a PDF of the diagram.

Feedback runs

  • Feedback runs are to be used to give generic feedback to all students; they are NOT an alternative to resit runs.
  • Each module-based Blackboard run is automatically made unavailable to students on the relevant module run Field Board date but all content is preserved and both staff and students remain attached.
  • Feedback runs carry the same course ID but are prefixed with the word ‘Feedback’ and usually appear at the top of your ‘My Courses’ list on your Blackboard home page. Students can access these for up to 100 days after the Field Board.
  • To set up your feedback run, add relevant information and make the run available to students.
  • Feedback runs in Blackboard can be used in a number of ways but should include generic feedback on examinations, where applicable, and information about when and how individual feedback on assessments may be available to students. For further information, please see the Feedback courses guidance on the Blackboard support website.

Resit runs

  • Resit runs support those students who did not pass the first run and who are currently pursuing a referral in one or both components on a module.
  • Resit runs are labelled as such on Blackboard. If you can’t see a resit run for your module, contact FET SAT who can arrange for you, and other staff if appropriate, to be attached.
  • Referred students will be attached to module resit runs automatically, shortly after the relevant Field Board meeting.
  • To set up your resit run follow the guidance on using ‘Course Copy’ and making a course available.

Ensure that the Resit run contains:

  • An announcement providing an overview of content and any specific documents/information that may be useful for referred students.
  • All relevant learning materials from the first run.
  • Up-to-date contact details to cover the resit period.
  • An overview of resit assessments, including guidance on the nature (seen/unseen) and structure (how may sections/questions and what if any choice is there) of examinations.
  • Assignment specifications to cover all resit tasks other than examinations, including e.g. presentations, demonstrations and computer tests as well as more conventional submissions. Remember that unless previously excluded, assignment submission will be online via the Assignments content area on Blackboard.

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