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  • Use Kaltura at UWE to store and manage your video and audio files and to publish these in Blackboard and elsewhere for your students.
  • You can upload a wide variety of file formats and Kaltura will convert them to give your students the best view whatever device they are using.
  • You can also use Kaltura to make recordings of your computer screen, to record your webcam and to make presentations at your desk.
  • Students have access to Kaltura too which enables them to record and submit video presentations for assessment, for example.
To use Kaltura, log in to Blackboard and click My Media in the Tools box on the Welcome page. You can also navigate to My Media when you are inside a module/programme site by choosing Kaltura Media from the Tools menu when inside any content area in a Blackboard site.

Kaltura's Ad New menu with Media Upload and Record a Presentation highlightedOnce in My Media you see a list of all the media files you have uploaded. There is also an Add New menu with, amongst others, options for Media Upload and Record a Presentation. These are the two options likely to be of most use to you.

  1. Clicking on Media Upload you can choose video and audio files from your computer to upload into Kaltura.
  2. Using the Record a Presentation option you can make recordings at your desk and you can choose to record voice, your screen, your webcam or any combination of these. The first time you choose Record a Presentation you are prompted to download and install on your computer the Kaltura CaptureSpace software used for making recordings. Once the software is installed clicking on Record a Presentation again opens up the software ready for you to make a recording.

screenshot of Capture Space software with various options for recording
Tip: Don’t use the Webcam Recording or Screen Recording options available from the Add New menu – use Record a Presentation instead and you will almost certainly find it easier!

  • Practice making a few recordings before publishing for others to see.
  • When recording your computer screen don’t speak too quickly or move your mouse around excessively, and make sure you don’t inadvertently reveal any private or sensitive information (e.g. exam questions, personal details or passwords) shown on your computer screen.
  • If you use a webcam try to do so in a quiet place and make sure whatever is behind you is okay to be seen by others.

The Kaltura section on UWE’s Blackboard Support pages has in-depth information about using My Media and Kaltura, including advice on Using Kaltura with Online Assessment.

There is also a student guide to Kaltura Media available, both for recording a presentation and uploading other media files. It also contains all the necessary information for students on Submitting Assignments.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Learning Innovation Unit to discuss any questions you may have about introducing Kaltura on your module or programme.

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