Panopto (event capture)

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UWE’s chosen supplier of event capture software is Panopto. It is available from staff desktop PCs and Macs and is already/or will be installed in most lecture rooms across the university from September 2018. The software can be used to record classroom-based events and desktop presentations.

To get started, visit UWE’s Event Capture website, which sets the context [What is Event Capture] for the use of event capture, and includes links to the following:

Over the past six years Panopto has been used across the Faculty of Environment and Technology; starting with recorded lectures for our distance learning students, and now also being used for our campus-based programmes. Examples of effective use of the technology include software demonstrations, short clips for students to watch before lectures, providing feedback to students, supporting students in developing their presentation style, and using the visualiser for annotating documents, for example with diagrams or mathematical calculations.

The support functions of using Event Capture are split two ways.


Supporting guidance is available through the Event Capture training and e-learning page, which incorporates links to the dates for face-to-face training, the link to the e-learning videos and a link to the comprehensive Panopto manual. There is also an Event Capture (Panopto) Editing Recording guide. Both of these guides are available on the Training Documents webpage.

Guidance is also available through the Panopto Event Capture pages on UWE’s Blackboard Support website.

This covers

For issues with the teaching space and between Panopto and Blackboard

If your problem relates to any of the equipment in the teaching space (or your office) such as a microphone or a camera not working, or any other aspect of the AV/IT equipment, then please contact ITS on extension 123 or see the helpdesks:

  • Frenchay: 2B051 or 2Q33
  • Glenside: 1H40
  • City Campus (Bower Ashton): 0C50/51
  • City Campus (Arnolfini): 4AF001

If you are having issues with the Panopto software and Blackboard, for example, you are unable to publish, cannot record to your module, or any other issue that is focused on the software, please contact