Recording students for assessment

Recording student presentations for assessment is a straightforward task but can seem a little daunting if it’s your first time.  As a result, the LIU has produced a guide to Recording students for assessment to support individuals, or teams, responsible for recording students for this purpose.

The guide consists of:

  • Introduction – A snapshot of UWE’s event capture policy relating to recording student assessments.
  • Single assessor – Step by step instructions for assessments being recorded by a single member of staff.
  • Multiple assessors- Step by step instructions for assessments being recorded by two or more members of staff.
  • Support and technical assistance – Helpful signposting for training in advance of the event and technical assistance during the event.


In addition to the LIU resource above, FET staff can contact the LIU directly ( if they have any queries about the process or require any further support.


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