COVID Strategy


Preparing to move to Online Delivery

We need to be prepared to work differently as we look to react to national events. This section focuses on delivering teaching and ​learning – assessment will be covered in a separate communication. The Faculty has decided to focuses resources on supporting staff to:

  • Use Blackboard to its full extent. Ensure information is up to date and materials are uploaded and ready to be used for teaching. We will be suggesting staff look at interactive tools on Blackboard such as the discussion boards. 
  • Use Panopto to record and deliver content. Panopto can be used at your desk, on a UWE laptop or on a none UWE device. It is UWE’s system for recording and delivering video. We can reuse old content if that is appropriate or we can use it to record new presentations or content for our students. We can even use it to live-stream delivery.
  • Use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for ‘live’ teaching events. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is already part of Blackboard. It is an online space to meet with students and colleagues. Most of the administration for the system is taken care of by Blackboard. It is the a scalable way to host medium to small size ‘live’ events. 

The Faculty Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) team will be supporting PebblePad as normal but all other resource will go to supporting the above tools. You might have other tools you wish to deliver online teaching with. For this period the Faculty wants you to focus on these tools and these tools only in the interest of the student experience. Please be wary of Ed Tech companies trying to profit off the challenge of moving to online learning.

The Faculty is aware that this period will be challenging and we are not looking for best in show online learning. We recognise this is a new skill set and we will be working to support staff transition to a new way of working in the most practicable way. We will not be making the best the enemy of the good.

Initial steps

What we will be doing from Monday the 23rd of March

The Faculty TEL team will have a strong presence online and is are available throughout the ‘lock down’ period. Your first port of call are the Faculty Online Learning Coaches who will be triaging issues and disseminating to the rest of the team. PebblePad queries will continue as normal and should be passed through to either James or Robyn.

Faculty Online Learning Coaches. The most senior learning technologist on each campus is your first port of call. They will be able to signpost resources or services, give you advice over the phone or talk through concerns you might have. Collectively they have close to 20 years of experience of TEL at UWE. For programmes on Glenside this is Michael Harris and for programmes on Frenchay this is Tom Buckley . They are available for phone meetings, video calls and to triage email queries.

Central Training Events. We are working together to provide opportunities to support our staff. Faculties have arranged local online training which is available to all UWE staff and sessions are also being delivered by UWE’s Learning Development Centre and Academic Practice Directorate. Please visit this document for dates and times of the online training sessions available. There is no need to register for these sessions, simply click the links available in the document.

Advice for working from home from IT Services

Official advice for working from home is available from the intranet page Advice for working from home from IT Services.

We’ve had a lot of queries about how to forward Skype calls to your mobile, see following:

  • When signed in to Skype for Business, click the icon showing a handset and an arrow (bottom left of the window).
  • Click ‘Call Forwarding Settings’.
  • Select the ‘Forward my calls to’ button.
  • Change the dropdown options as required.
  • Click ‘OK’.