In The Zone is an app to help learning on field trips, visits and other occasions. It facilitates situated, authentic, practice-based, context-aware learning experiences for students.

Tutors create Walks made up of a number of Zones, each of which contains learning materials and tasks to be unlocked when, and only when, visited. Live updating maps in the app enable learners to navigate to the Zones where they discover learning materials and tasks set for them by their tutors.

With In The Zone learners can undertake field work without the need for tutors to be with them at all times. This is expected to increase engagement and focus on task and to enhance learners’ autonomy and ownership of their learning.


Getting ‘In the Zone’ on the St Fagans field trip, in rural Wales

(by Fabia Jeddere-Fisher) After some initial exuberance with the idea of using an app to lead the students round the outdoor museum, St Fagans; our next thoughts were “But there’s barely any phone reception, let alone WiFi. Will this work?” But! Fear not. The app allows you to pre-load the walk while you have WiFi, …


In The Zone is the brainchild of Oliver Haslam, a Senior Learning Technologist in UWE Bristol’s Faculty of Environment and Technology (FET). It received initial funding from UWE as a pedagogical project and is being developed in-house by student interns employed in the PlayWest Enterprise Studio in FET.

In The Zone is free to learners and other ‘end-users’. The ability to create new walks is restricted and will initially be available to UWE staff only but we plan to make authoring available to other Higher Education Institutions in due course.

The first version of In The Zone, now unavailable, was developed as a proof of concept and was available for Android devices only. In September 2018 the new version of ITZ is released and includes a number of changes.

Headline differences in the new version:

  • iOS and Android devices both supported
  • results dashboard for viewing user submissions (yet to be released)
  • desktop authoring app for OSX and Windows
  • author licensing (yet to be released)