The Learning Innovation Unit (LIU)

The LIU supports innovation in teaching and learning practices in the Faculty of Environment and Technology (FET) at UWE Bristol. Our expertise is here to help lecturers in FET with the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of technologies and pedagogical approaches to support their teaching work.

This includes:

  • making most effective use of Blackboard and other technologies provided by UWE;
  • identifying and piloting new technologies;
  • building interactivity and active learning into your teaching;
  • making effective use of multimedia and social media;
  • recording your lectures;
  • assessing and providing feedback to learners;
  • film and multimedia production service.

We are based in 3Q64 and FET staff are welcome to drop in any time to see us, or you can email us at fet.liu@uwe.ac.uk.

Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL)

What is Technology Enhanced Learning? For some answers to this question take a look at our What is Technology Enhanced Learning? article and watch the film below produced by the LIU. The film was presented at the Faculty’s 1st Teaching and Learning Conference in January 2014, and it gives a flavour of some of the TEL in FET at the time.

The LIU website

This website’s primary purpose is to support lecturers in the Faculty of Environment and Technology. It highlights some of the innovative approaches to teaching in the faculty, suggests new and different ways to help our students learn, and aims to inform and engage academic staff in a conversation about technology, teaching and learning.

The LIU team

Find out more about the LIU team by viewing our staff profiles linked below:

Oliver Haslam
(Acting) E-Learning Development Manager

Steve Brown
Film/Multimedia Producer

Beth Hammond
Learning Technologist

Louisa Thorne
Learning Technologist