Accessing the Panopto Statistics

If you are  using Panopto, you might be interested in viewing the statistics that are available for your recordings. It is possible to view these statistics for individual recordings and also at a folder level, which means relating to all the recordings in a particular folder, which would typically be the Blackboard equivalent to a module or a programme site.

What is available

Each recording has statistics on the following:

  • How many views/unique visitors the recording had per day.
  • How many minutes were viewed.
  • What parts of the recording were most viewed.
  • If the viewers made any notes or comments at a particular point throughout the recording.
  • Who were the top viewers.

All the reports are downloadable, and you can specify the period you would like to look at.

If you wanted to look at how the students engaged with the recordings available to them as a whole, you can access the statistics on a folder level.

The statistics available for the folder are:

  • How many views/unique visitors were there over a period of time.
  • How many minutes were viewed.
  • Which sessions on the module were viewed the most.
  • Who has viewed most sessions.

Just as with each individual recording, it is possible to see various periods of time and the reports are downloadable.

These statistics could be used in a number of ways, for example, if there was a particular part of a recording which was repeatedly played by the students, it could suggest that this may be an item they were struggling with, and it might be appropriate to discuss this in your next classroom session.

Where to find the statistics

For an individual recording, locate the recording you wish to find out more about on Panopto, and click on the ‘Stats’ button:

Locating the stats button

If you wish to view the statistics on a folder level, find any recording in the folder, click on the ‘Stats’ button to access the individual recording statistics, and click on the link to the folder which will appear just above the ‘Session Dashboard’:

Folder link about Session Dashboard

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