Active learning using Bookmarks, Notes and Discussions in Panopto

Some little-used features of Panopto that can help with active learning are the Bookmarks, Notes and Discussions tools. They can be accessed from the menu on the left when viewing the recording. See Using Panopto Bookmarks, Notes and Discussions tools to read about how students can access and make use of these features.

Screenshot of the Panopto menu

What’s the difference?

Bookmarks are private to the individual. They are a good way for students to organise their revision resources, by bookmarking the topics they know they will need to go back to.

Notes are private by default, but can also be shared or downloaded. They can be used by students to annotate the video as they watch it.

Discussion comments can be seen by anyone who has viewing rights to the video. They can be added by the tutor or students. Replies can be made to previous comments.

Ideas for using bookmarks, notes and discussions

  • Encourage students to bookmark important points for revision.
  • Encourage students to take notes while they watch your recording; perhaps summarise each section in their own words, or flag any parts they found challenging.
  • Get students to pair up and create a Notes channel. Set some questions for them to discuss and answer. You could even do this as an asynchronous think-pair-share activity; set up a poll for them to give individual answers, pair them up, then set a second poll to see if there are more correct answers following discussion.
  • Ask each student to post a comment in the Discussion about the part of the recording they found most interesting and why. By asking all students to comment you will be able to see who is engaging with the material.
  • Get students to ask questions in the Discussion for you to address at the seminar/tutorial. As well as being able to see that students have watched the video, you will have some points to start off a live discussion.
  • Add your own comments in the Discussion to draw attention to key points or highlight other relevant resources.

Notes and discussions can be downloaded as a text file. If you want evidence of students’ annotations for assessment purposes, ask students to download their notes and submit them through Blackboard.

Further information

Read Using Panopto Bookmarks, Notes and Discussions tools.

See the Panopto help pages on Discussions and Notes.


Photo by Burst from Pexels