Adding a YouTube caption file to your video using Kaltura

In our post Creating captions using YouTube we talked about using YouTube to get a .srt file to add captions to a pre-recorded video. This post explains how to associate the caption file with the video using Kaltura.

You will need:

  • A video file, either recorded in Kaltura, or one created elsewhere and saved as a standard file type.
  • A caption file for the video – we recommend using .srt format. If you don’t have a caption file, see our previous post on how to create one.

Go into Kaltura from your Blackboard module page by clicking on ‘My Media’ on the left.

Screenshot of where to find My Media, under the Blackboard Tools menu

If your video was recorded in Kaltura you can skip the first step.

Step 1 – Uploading a video to Kaltura

Kaltura supports a range of file formats.

Click on the ‘Add New’ dropdown and select ‘Media Upload’.

Screenshot of Add New dropdown and Media Upload menu item

Choose a file to upload. Once it has uploaded, add any extra details you want and click ‘Save’. Then click on the ‘Go to My Media’ option at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 – Uploading the captions

Click on the title of the video you wish to add captions to. Then use the Actions dropdown underneath the video and select Edit.

Screenshot of Actions dropdown with Edit at the top

Choose the Captions tab underneath the video and click on the ‘Upload caption file’ button.

Screenshot of the Captions tab and Upload button on the right

Upload your caption file and select the language, then press ‘Save’.

When you play the video, captions can be toggled on and off using the CC button at the bottom of the video player.

See How to publish your Kaltura Recording on your Blackboard module site for instructions to make it available to students.

Photo by Raphael Schaller on Unsplash