Adding a YouTube caption file to your video using Panopto

In our post Creating captions using YouTube we talked about using YouTube to get a .srt file to add captions to a pre-recorded video. This post explains how to associate the caption file with the video using Panopto.

You will need:

  • A video file, either recorded in Panopto, or one created elsewhere and saved as a standard file type.
  • A caption file for the video – we recommend using .srt format. If you don’t have a caption file, see our previous post on how to create one.

You need to access you Panopto cloud folder. Go to, or if you are in Panopto on your desktop click on ‘Manage My Recordings’ under the ‘Manage Recordings’ tab.

Screenshot of Manage Recordings tab

If your video was recorded in Panopto you can skip the first step.

Step 1 – Uploading a video to Panopto

Panopto supports a wide range of file types, so as long as your video is in a fairly standard format such as MP4 there should be no problems. If you have an unusual file type and want to check, there is a list of file types on the Panopto support site.

From your cloud page, click on the ‘Create’ dropdown and select ‘Upload Media’.

Screenshot of the Create dropdown. Upload Media is second on the list.

Check that it is set as ‘Add files to My Folder’ and upload your video file.

Step 2 – Uploading the captions

Once your video has been processed and is in the ‘My Folder’ list, you can hover your mouse over it to see your options. Click on ‘Settings’. On the page that pops up, select ‘Captions’.

Screenshot of uploading captions

Click on ‘Browse’ and select your .srt file, then click on ‘Upload Captions’.

In your cloud folder, it will say ‘Embedding Captions’ next to the video until the processing is complete.

When you play the video, captions can be toggled on and off using the CC button at the bottom of the video player.

For information on creating a link to your Panopto recording on Blackboard, see the Intranet guidance.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels