Adding a Kaltura file to your Blackboard course

If you have made a recording of any kind using Kaltura, it will be stored in your own My Media space. For students to be able to view the recording, you most likely want to add it to the relevant part of your Blackboard module or programme site.

Getting started

UWE’s Blackboard Support pages list each step you need to take to add a Kaltura file to your course.

Good practice

It is useful to ensure that:

  • The recording is located in the appropriate place on your module/programme site, e.g. if it is an introduction to the module, locate it in the Module Introduction content area.
  • The recording has a meaningful title. [To change the title of the recording, click on the dropdown arrow to the right of the current title and select ‘edit’.]
  • There is some context for the recording, e.g. an introduction to it, what students will get out of it. This can be added to the Description textbox.
  • The duration of the video is visible to students. This can be added to the Description textbox.
  • You may also want to produce a transcript to accompany the recording for students who prefer text to audio/visual content. This can be attached as a file.


If you experience any technical problems with Kaltura, please email Learning & Research Systems (aka Blackboard Support) or call them on ext 85735.