Adding Mentimeter quizzes to Panopto recordings

Note: this method does not currently work on a mobile phone

One way of increasing interactivity with recorded lectures is to insert a quiz. There are different tools you can use for this (see Tests and quizzes – which tool do I choose?) and in this article we will look at adding Mentimeter quizzes to a Panopto recording.

‘Quiz’ in this context means a Mentimeter presentation containing factual questions, not the Mentimeter Quiz Competition which can only be used in a live presentation.

There could be a number of reasons why you would want to combine Mentimeter and Panopto:

  • Mentimeter has more question types
  • You already have a Mentimeter quiz which you have used in the classroom
  • You may want to ask students in a classroom and those watching the video the same questions

When a Mentimeter quiz is set up in Panopto, the recording stops when the student reaches the point where the quiz was added. The student can complete the quiz in the main window, and when finished, press play to resume the recording if needed.

If you require any more information about how to set up quizzes in Mentimeter, the LIU have written a series of articles helping new users ‘Getting started with Mentimeter’.

Please note that if the students are watching the Panopto recording on a mobile device, the quiz will not appear, therefore, advise your students to ensure they complete the quiz by using a computer.

The importance of linking the quiz to Panopto

If you choose to use Mentimeter with Panopto it must be added correctly, as a link to a quiz in Mentimeter. The reason you cannot simply screen record your Mentimeter quiz is that the access code for the quiz expires after 48 hours by default, so the students would not be able to access the quiz. This is a security feature in Mentimeter, and although it can be extended, we do not recommend changing this.

When the quiz is linked correctly, the student does not need a separate device to access the quiz, it is all done from the main window in Panopto.

What to consider


With most question types, the students cannot see other responses unless you also embed the results link, which hopefully encourages them to answer based on their own knowledge. The various question types in Mentimeter have different settings, and depending on the learning outcomes, these settings may need to be changed.


Another consideration is how you would like to report the results, as you will not know the results at the time of recording. It is possible to set up a link to the Mentimeter results page in the Panopto recording, but it may be sufficient to discuss what you are expecting the answer pattern of the students to be. There is also a feature where students can enter their email address at the end of the quiz to receive an email with the results, which can be turned off if necessary.

Desktop recordings

When planning your recording, consider where you would like the quiz to appear, and make a note to introduce the quiz verbally in the recording, even though you will not be switching to another screen to display the quiz, as the quiz will be inserted after the recording is finished.

If you are planning multiple instances of a quiz in a single recording, the best thing to do is to split your Mentimeter quiz into as many instances, in order to link a new quiz to each instance.

Top Tip – to save time later, either have a slide called ‘Quiz’ in your presentation or pause the Panopto recording briefly where you would like the quiz inserted, as the pause is an easy-to-spot marker for adding the quiz.

Lecture recordings

It is possible to change the Mentimeter quiz settings from ‘presenter’ to ‘audience pace’ (see the Mentimeter help pages for more information) without affecting the answers already given by the students in the face to face session, and allowing the answers from the students who were watching the recording to be added to the total.

If you have been switching to Mentimeter in the recorded lecture, the code will be visible to those watching the recording, although it will most likely no longer be valid. Rather than editing out all traces of Mentimeter, save time by explaining that the students who watch the recording need to vote by completing the quiz in the Panopto video main window, as they are unable to access what was a live quiz.

How to set up a link to a Mentimeter quiz in Panopto

Once your recording is ready to view, access it in editor mode in the Panopto cloud. Find the place you would like to add the Mentimeter quiz, and click on the ‘add a webpage’ icon in the box under the table of contents to the left of the main viewing screen.

Go to Mentimeter and copy the participation link (or the results link if you are adding the results page). Go back to Panopto and give the quiz a title, and paste the link from Mentimeter into the Link box in Panopto, and press save.


We recommend staff attend the training course ‘Getting Started With Event Capture (Panopto)’ delivered by the Learning and Development Centre (LDC). The APD also run regular training courses on the use of Mentimeter, which can be found by searching for Mentimeter on the intranet.  In addition, FET staff can contact the LIU ( for further support or guidance on using these tools. Together, we can discuss your ideas and ensure that your learning resource deploys Mentimeter quizzes effectively.


Photo by Olav Ahrens Røtne on Unsplash