Advanced techniques for combining videos in Panopto

Before considering these methods you may wish to read our article on Understanding Panopto streams.

Merging recordings

When you merge two recordings, all the streams from one recording are copied into the target recording. The recording you merge from will remain the same. The recording you merge to will be altered. You may wish to make a copy in case you need to revert back to the original.

To learn how to merge videos, see Panopto’s help site.

Important: make sure you merge your recordings before applying any edits, as the edits do not transfer.

You may need to alter the start times of the different streams by going to edit the target recording (once it has finished processing) and selecting Streams in the menu on the left.

Screenshot of Streams options

Adding streams

To add a video or audio track as a new stream to an already existing Panopto recording, it must be uploadable from your computer, not already in the Panopto cloud. Uploading a stream can take some time.

You can choose to add a Primary or Secondary stream. Remember, two Primary streams cannot be shown at the same time, but you could edit the streams in order to replace the original Primary stream, or alternate between them, or have them play consecutively.

If you add a Secondary stream it can be available at the same time as the other Secondary streams, or you can edit it to run consecutively, or use the Focus tool to make it appear in the main viewing window at specific times.

To learn how to add and edit streams, see Panopto’s help site.

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Photo by Denise Chan on Unsplash