Assessed Student Presentations – which methods should you choose?

If your module includes student presentations of any kind, it is worth understanding the various options available at UWE for both face-to-face and online student presentations. In the academic year 2020/21 UWE is phasing out the use of Kaltura for recording student presentations in favour of using the assessment folders in Panopto or the new Collaborate Assessment Tool, which permits secure recording of live presentations, either by individual students or groups.

However, with these tools in place, it can be difficult to determine which tool is the correct one to use for your particular situation. We have therefore developed a decision tree tool, whereby asking a few (no more than six) questions, you can be guided to the suggested solution, as well as further resources related to that solution.

Below you will find some common scenarios which will hopefully demonstrate the difference between the various tools.

Scenario 1: Recorded student presentations in a teaching room on campus

Regardless of whether this is an individual or a group presentation, if something that happens face-to-face on campus needs to be recorded, this is best done in Panopto, using the assessment folders to store the recording out of sight of the other students. External examiners will be able to access the recording as long as they are enrolled on the module run in Blackboard.

Scenario 2: Group presentation (remote) led by the lecturer.

Staff-led group presentations, where everyone is not able to be in the same room are best done in the Collaborate Assessment Tool, which not only has the benefit that no one can enter the room mid presentation and interrupt, but also the lecturer can decide if the students should have access to view the recording.

Scenario 3: Groups recording their own presentations remotely

When groups need to record their own presentations without a member of staff being present, and those recordings need to be stored securely, the only place to do this is using the Collaborate rooms that come with Blackboard Groups. The students are automatically presenters in the Blackboard group rooms, and there is a setting which permits them to start and stop their own recordings. This means that a member of staff does not need to be present for the recording of the session.


There are a multitude of different scenarios, so if yours differs from the above, and cannot be found in the decision tree mentioned above, then please email us on so that we can have a further chat about the requirements.


Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels