Association for Learning Technology (ALT) conference

I attended the Association of Learning Technologists’ Conference (ALT-C) at Nottingham University in September 2013 on ‘Building New Cultures for Learning’. Three full days of parallel sessions covering the following themes of Openness, Global learning cultures, Making innovation work, Big data and It’s all about the learner.

It was reassuring to find that many higher education institutions are grappling with similar issues, for example:  what to use for lecture capture, how to ensure consistency of delivery across their programmes, and how to normalise the use of technology in their teaching and learning.

It’s been several years since I attended an ALT-C conference and I found the change quite marked. Almost everyone had at least two mobile devices in their possession, and with heads down all the time during the sessions I wondered how the presenters managed without visual cues from the audience; and during the whole three days I didn’t see a single person use their phone to speak to someone.

For a write up on the sessions I attended, you can read my conference report.