Attendee roles in Collaborate

There are three roles that attendees can have when they enter a Blackboard Collaborate session:

  • Participant
  • Presenter
  • Moderator

To find out more about what these roles can do, see the Blackboard Help pages on attendees.

Default settings

When you set up a Collaborate room in Blackboard, the default settings are:

  • Staff on a module enter as Moderators (this can’t be changed)
  • Students on a module enter as Participants
  • Guest links are off

(For help on setting up a Collaborate session see Using Blackboard Collaborate across modules and programmes)

If you want students on a module to enter as Presenters or Moderators you can change this under the Session Settings (in the second tab when you click on the session).

Screenshot of roles in Session Settings

Guest links

If you want to use guest links, you can switch them on in the Event Details (in the first tab when you click on the session).

Screenshot of guest access button

Once guest access is selected, you will be given a link and able to choose what role guests have when they enter via the link. Note that there is only one link generated, so all your guests will have the same role.

Screenshot of guest roles

This does not affect people who enter via the module site, only those who use a guest link. This means you can use a Presenter or Moderator guest link to send to a visiting speaker, for example, and your students who enter through Blackboard will still be Participants.

Changing roles in a session

If you want to change the role of individuals once you are in the session, you can do this from the Attendee menu by clicking on the three dots next to the student or guest in question. They will have this new role until you change it again or they leave the session. This can be useful if, for example, a student asks a question and you need to see their screen to clarify what they are asking.

Screenshot of changing roles in the participant list

Breakout groups

Participants automatically have the same permissions as Presenters in breakout groups, so they can upload files and share their screen without you needing to be in the group.

For more information on breakout groups see Setting up breakout groups in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels