Using Groups in Blackboard

You can create groups of students in your Blackboard course. This can be useful for facilitating group work, providing different materials to different students, or dividing your class up for administrative purposes.

Combining videos in Panopto

Various ways of putting together different recordings or takes to give your students a seamless experience without you having to create long videos.

Using Clips in Panopto

Learn how to insert one Panopto recording into another – useful for adding in content you forgot to record or needed to do at a different time or place.

SafeAssign file limits

While a Blackboard submission point can accept file sizes of up to 100MB, they will not be processed by SafeAssign unless they are below 10MB. This is because SafeAssign is … Read more

Active Learning with Mentimeter

Mentimeter for Teaching Part 2. This series of articles explores how Mentimeter can be used to enrich the student experience and boost engagement.

Installing Panopto

As a UWE member of staff, you can use Panopto on your work or home computer. Here’s how to do it.

Virtual Office Hours

If you are working from home due to University closure, it could be useful to set up virtual office hours. The key thing is to make it clear to your … Read more

Mentimeter – sharing and access

Learn how to manage your Mentimeter presentations in and outside of class: how to hide results, close a poll and share both the results and the presentation itself.