What is Technology Enhanced Learning?

The video below is a good starting point to help answer a common question.


What do we mean by ‘enhanced’?

Another good question and there are, of course, many answers to this. The response from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) is as follows:

Efficiency – existing processes carried out in a more cost-effective, time-
effective, sustainable or scalable manner.
Enhancement – improving existing processes and the outcomes.
Transformation – radical, positive change in existing processes or introducing new processes.

HEFCE 2009, 2

To find out more about the meaning of TEL this article (Technology-Enhanced Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: What Is “Enhanced” and How Do We Know? A Critical Literature Review) by Kirkwood and Price (2014) provides a useful overview.

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Piazza (collaboration tool)

Piazza is a Q&A and discussion platform designed to simulate real class discussion. It aims to get high quality answers to difficult questions, fast.

Green Gown winner image

We won a Green Gown Award!

In 2015 the Learning Innovation Unit developed and delivered UWE’s first MOOC, called Our Green City – and we’ve just won an award for it

Using Open Educational Resources (OERs)

OERs are freely available, normally digital assets for research, education and assessment – anything from whole lectures or even courses to images, pictures, software, techniques, sound or films


Students can work together and demonstrate their knowledge through creating a wiki.

When you talk about..., it makes me thinka bout..., because...


Blogging can help students reflect, collaborate and develop a community.

graffiti in Bristol

Blogging in Social Geography

In the first semester of 2014/15 I worked with a FET lecturer in Geography and Environmental Management, Sara-Jayne Williams, who teaches on a module called Society, Youth & Ageing. Together we developed a plan whereby students would blog about the subject matter and share their blogs with each other in order to construct subject knowledge as a class.

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