Blackboard Announcement subject headings

Please note: As of 12 October 2020, this issue has now been fixed.

If you usually create an announcement in your Blackboard course and then tick the ‘Send email’ box so that each student on your course receives the announcement in their student email account, you may have noticed that the subject heading of your announcement has been lost in transit and replaced with something like this:

BSC GEOGRAPHY: Caroline Graham sent you a new announcement in BSc Geography

It seems that this has happened since the summer Blackboard upgrade.

The workaround is to send an email from your Blackboard course listings page (note you will see ‘My Modules’ rather than ‘My Courses’ in your view of Blackboard). See point 3 and just select one course (instead of multiple courses – unless the announcement applies to more than one course).

Tip: if you have a long list of courses, you will need to scroll to the end of the list to see the ‘Continue’ button.

Clicking on Continue button opens up the Message Details window – where you can enter a meaningful subject heading. Remember to tick ‘Send an email for this announcement’.

When you click ‘Submit’ the message goes to anyone on the course and is also posted as an Announcement in that course.

Please note: It is not possible to include an attachment using this method. This is because attachments in announcement emails were problematic and so were excluded from the My Modules email function for that reason. It is not something that Blackboard Support is planning to change.