Blackboard Collaborate for 2021-22

We may be back on campus, but Collaborate still has its uses. Do you have distance learners? Do you want to host a guest speaker who doesn’t have time to travel? Do you want to record and securely store tutor-led assessments online, such as vivas? (we now have the Collaborate Assessment Tool which allows you to do just that).


The good news is there have been a number of changes to Collaborate and there are more in the pipeline. Already available is the new Gallery View and the improved whiteboard. And most recently – you can now set up your breakout groups in advance, by using ‘Group Sets’ in Blackboard.

See the attached file for more updates to Collaborate (PDF).

Blurred backgrounds and live auto-captioning are still on the roadmap.

Active Learning

Getting students to engage can be difficult online, but there are things you can try both using just Collaborate and using other tools alongside it such as Mentimeter. See our handout on five ways to make webinars active (PDF).


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash