Programmatic Blackboard View

The new Programmatic Blackboard page was launched on 10 September 2018. For more information about this, see the 10 September news article Programmatic Blackboard goes live.

Please note: A decision was made at the Faculty’s Learning and Teaching Student Experience Executive meeting on 5 September 2018 to use one of the two optional ‘books’ for Student Support. This book has been populated with the following text:

If you need advice or support, please follow the links below:

If you are experiencing personal difficulties or a personal crisis, you can access the right help for your situation from a range of Support Options across the University. You can also use the Thrive guide to help you to work through an issue yourself or to work out the right support option for you. Your lecturers also have a copy of Thrive, so they can use it to signpost you to the right support at UWE.

If you need general information or advice, please contact an Information Point.

If you need academic advice, please contact your programme leader or Academic Personal Tutor (APT)/coach.

If this is missing from your programme, please contact the Learning Innovation Unit and they will add it for you.

We recommend following FET’s Blackboard Programme Sites – Guiding Principles and taking a look at a comprehensive Blackboard Programme Site Example to give your students the best experience of the Programmatic Blackboard view.

If you notice that the Contacts book is empty, please refer to the Adding Contacts guide for how to populate this book.