Blogging in Social Geography

In the first semester of 2014/15 I worked with a FET lecturer in Geography and Environmental Management, Sara-Jayne Williams, who teaches on a module called Society, Youth & Ageing. Together we developed a plan whereby students would blog about the subject matter and share their blogs with each other in order to construct subject knowledge as a class. The students’ blog posts were submitted for summative assessment and made up 50% of the marks for the module.

We used PebblePad, UWE’s e-portfolio application, to do the blogging (though in future we would like to try the same on a proper blogging platform, like WordPress) and to submit the assessed blog.

At UWE’s 2015 Learning & Teaching Conference I presented (unfortunately, Sara was unwell on the day so could join me) the work we did on the module, with the assistance of the short (and quite hectic!) animated video below.

I made the animated video above in PowToon, a handy free application for making such things. If you hover/click the blue icons that appear while watching the video you will see a little supplementary information by way of another handy, free application called ThingLink.