‘Bookings with me’ for appointments

What is it?

Bookings with Me’ is a scheduling feature in Outlook, which allows you to set up your Outlook calendar to offer available time slots to other individual users. You can set preferences to ensure that you still remain in control of your calendar, but hopefully the feature will save time for others looking to book a slot with you.

You can use ‘Bookings with me’ to offer appointment slots to students, other staff members, or externals, for example:

  • Setting aside time on specific days for ‘One to One Meetings’ or ‘Dissertation supervision’
  • Creating specific meeting types for the different modules and programmes that you teach
  • Creating shorter and longer slots for students to book

You must not use ‘Bookings with me’ in place of appointments managed through InfoHub or other student support services. Please also note, that the booking systems collect personal data and should only be used in conjuction with UWE Bristol’s Data Protection and Information Handling policies.

Bookings with me is currently not available to those on Associate Lecturer contracts, and it is not available to students either.

How does it work?

‘To set up ‘Bookings with me’, go to https://outlook.office.com/bookwithme, and start by defining meeting types which include the title of the meeting, length of each slot, time periods each week when that meeting type can be scheduled.

Some useful things to consider are:

  • By default ‘Bookings with me’ uses your regular meeting hours as defined in Outlook, however you can also set up customised availability hours
  • Slots can’t be booked if you have other events in your Outlook calendar (‘Bookings with me’ respects your free/busy status)
  • Public meeting types are shown on your booking page; private meeting types are booked using specific links that you share through other channels
  • You can determine if the slots you offer are in-person or online
  • When someone books a slot with you, it appears in your Outlook calendar just like any other meeting and the other person gets a normal meeting invitation
  • You can cancel the meeting from Outlook like any other meeting
  • You can add an automated buffer for breaks between meetings
  • Set meetings can be scheduled with a minimum lead time, so you are given sufficient prior notice.

Learn more

More information about ‘Bookings with me’ is available on the Microsoft pages below:

We have also created three short videos showing you how to set up ‘Bookings with me’.

‘Bookings with me’ is a part of the Microsoft Bookings licence, however this is the only functionality that is centrally supported at UWE. There is currently no support available for the more complex features of Microsoft Bookings at UWE, for this we refer staff to the Microsoft support pages or LinkedIn Learning.


Picture by Myriams-Fotos on Pixabay