Combining videos in Panopto

When providing video content to students, doing more but shorter videos instead of recording a whole lecture at once has many advantages. As well as chunking content for students, it also makes your life easier. While you may do a short test video before recording a session to ensure everything is working properly, it is still possible to finish the session and go back and discover that there were problems you can’t just edit out. It is far easier to re-record just a 20 minute section than a whole hour.

There are a few different ways of combining your recordings:


  • allow you to give students an ordered list of videos to watch
  • are the most straightforward way to present sequential content to your students
  • the recordings are independent of each other and must be edited separately

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  • let you insert one or more recordings into another
  • are the only way to add new content in the middle of another recording
  • a clip is a separate recording and must be edited separately

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Merging recordings

  • adds all the individual streams of one recording to another
  • acts as a single recording and can be edited from one place
  • note that manipulating lots of streams can be complex and time-consuming

Adding streams

  • lets you upload new audio or video sources into your recording
  • unlike the other options, sources must be uploadable from your computer, not in the Panopto Cloud
  • can also be complex and time-consuming

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Photo by Sharon Pittaway on Unsplash