Copyright-free images for use in teaching activities

If you are planning to use third party images in your teaching material, you will need to ensure that you are legally permitted to do so. There are websites that offer copyright-free images, but you still need to check the terms of use on each site, and on each image. Some images need to be attributed, others do not. Here is a list of sites you might find useful:

  • Dreamstime – contains public domain images including categories for Architecture, Technology and IT & C.
  • Everystockphoto – is a search engine pulling in images from other sites; you will need to check the licence terms for each photo you want to use.
  • Flickr – The Commons – thousands of images available to use, under a Creative Commons licence.
  • – images available to use, as long as they are attributed according to the terms of the site.
  • – contains nearly 400,000 images, including Business & Finance, Architecture, Science & Technology.
  • Microsoft Office clipart – doesn’t include photos, but the familiar clipart from Microsoft.
  • OpenPhoto – Creative Commons-licensed images available for use, but you need to check the attribution needed for each image.
  • Pexels – the images are available under a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) licence and do not have to be attributed, according to the terms of the licence.
  • Photos for Class – although aimed at schools, you may find something you want to use; they are Creative Commons images and include image citations.
  • Pixabay – includes over 1 million free images and videos, released under Creative Commons licences.
  • Search Creative Commons – this gives you access to a collection of free-to-use image sites including Flickr, Google, Google Images, Wikimedia Commons, Pixabay, Open Clip Art Library.
  • Unsplash – over 850,000 free images.
  • Wikimedia Commons images – allows you to search for images by type and purpose.