Creating an Assessment Submission Point in Blackboard

(Thanks to colleagues in ITS and FBL for authoring this guidance.)

Please refer to UWE’s Creating an assessment submission point for exams as the main source of information, much of it reproduced here below. UWE’s guidance also includes information on setting up assignments for students who have been granted extra time (i.e. reasonable adjustments).

View a video demonstration of the process (from a workshop on 12/01/22 – available to UWE staff only)

Decide where in your module the exam will sit – which content area from the left-hand course menu.  This can be in an existing area or you can create a new content area for the exam. [Please note: in FET, the recommendation is that staff use the Assignments content area – which is part of the FET Blackboard module template – for the main module run, and the Resit Materials content area for the resit.]

Once in the content area click on the Assessments option and from the dropdown list select Assignment.

Please only edit the fields mentioned in the instructions below.

  1. Give the exam a name and enter the required instructions to students.Screenshot 1: Create Assignment
  2. Attach the exam question using Browse My Computer and selecting the appropriate file.
  3. Set the due date and time – this is the date and time that students must submit by. This should be the same as the Display Until date and time further down the screen.
    Screenshot 2: Assignment Files
  4. Set the Points Possible – this is usually 100.
  5. Ignore Add rubric.
  6. Click on the Submission Details link and change the following
  7. Number of Attempts – change to unlimited attempt.
  8. Plagiarism Tools – tick the Check submissions for plagiarism using SafeAssign option
    Screenshot 3: Submission Details
  9. Ignore Marking Options and Display of marks.
  10. Ensure that the Make the Assignment Available option is ticked
  11. Set the Display after date and time – this is the date and time that the exam should first become accessible to student.
  12. Set the Display until date and time – this is the date and time that the exam should stop being accessible to students. This should be the same as your due date and time
  13. Ensure that Track Number of Views option is ticked
  14. Click on Submit.
    Screenshot 4: Availability

Your exam will now be in the content area that you created it in.

The availability will tell you when it will become available to students. They will not be able to open the exam or the files attached to it until this date and time.

Let your students know when the submission point will become available, and where they will be able to find it on your module site, via a Blackboard announcement/email.
Screenshot 5: Submission Link


The Assessment can be marked using the Blackboard Marking tools (online marking has a download function) or in the Grade Centre. (Spreadsheet marking cannot be used with manually created submission points.) Guidance is available from the Blackboard Support Website.

When using the UWE Marking tool, you will need to tick the ‘show manually created assignments’ option.

Marks can be transferred to ISIS using the Grade Mapping tool. Guidance is available from the Blackboard Support Website. There is also guidance available on the Blackboard Grade Mapping training site. Although the 44 page pdf file looks onerous, it includes a lot of blank space, and the steps are very clear and easy to follow.  With regards to the e-learning training, this also looks onerous, but in reality it is just 5 mins, if staff click on ‘All the Essentials in 1 video’. Again, the guidance is very clear.

Manual entry of marks needs to be avoided because of the additional burden on SAT staff.