Creating feedback templates in PebblePad

Feedback is a vital part of learning. Structuring your feedback can make it easier to write and to ensure you are supporting the student in all the areas in which they need to develop. It can also make it clear to the student where they are doing well and where they need to concentrate their efforts.

You can create feedback templates and rubrics in PebblePad. These could just be for your own use, or you can use them to ensure consistency if you have a team of markers on your module. They are also useful if you are using peer feedback on the module.

To create a feedback template:

Go to the burger menu in the top left of your dashboard, and click on Get Creative – Create a template.

Screenshot of the Template item in the PebblePad menu

With the template open, under Properties in the top right, go to Template and select a category. Set the category to Feedback. This is important so that the template will show up when you are adding it to the ATLAS workspace.

Screenshot of setting a template category to feedback

Then you can create a form by adding content in the usual way.

Use the multi-line content block if you want the feedback to be arranged under different headings. The label for each block can be a prompt to the marker, such as ‘Comment on the structure of the essay’ or ‘How well did the project meet the brief?’.

You can also use a rubric. This tool in PebblePad allows you to create a table where the rows are the marking criteria and the columns are the level of attainment. You can assign points to each level.

If you have some specific yes/no criteria (such as ‘Did the work include references?’ you could also include checkboxes.

Once you have saved your feedback form, you need to add it to the workspace in ATLAS so that you can access it when marking the assignments.

Go to Management – Feedback – Feedback templates, and click on ‘Add a template’.

Screenshot of adding a feedback template to a workspace

You will now be able to add anything listed as a feedback template in your resource store.

To mark work using the feedback template, go to the Submissions page in ATLAS and click on one of the submissions. Click on the blue feedback icon to give feedback in the usual way.

Screenshot of the Feedback icon

When you go to ‘Add feedback’ you will see an additional option to use a feedback template.

Screenshot of adding a feedback template to use on a piece of work

Note that if you are using PebblePad for peer review and want your students to fill in feedback templates for each other, the workspace will need to be set up with the correct permissions. Speak to your Learning Technologist team for support.


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels