Day 11 – Spruce up your Blackboard posts

Here are two ways you can add interest to your Blackboard posts.

1. Styles are for life, not just for Word documents

In our previous post on Word styles, we showed how to create functional headings that were screen reader accessible. This feature is also available in Blackboard.  You can’t get quite as creative with modifying the styles, but a well-structured post using the inbuilt heading formats will look neat and be easier to read.  In editing mode, highlight the line you want to make into a heading, then use the drop-down where it says Paragraph (that’s the default style for normal text) and select the heading level of your choice.

The drop-down Styles menu in the Blackboard post editor.

2. Pretty as a picture

You can insert images and media into your Blackboard post to draw the attention of your readers.

The Blackboard editing toolbar with the Insert/Edit Image, Insert/Edit Embedded Media and the Mashups icons highlighted.

Highlighted here are the Insert/Edit Image, Insert/Edit Embedded Media and the Mashups drop-down. Just make sure your image isn’t too large, and add an image description when prompted.

For more information on using the Blackboard Editing Toolbar, see the Blackboard Help site.