Desktop recording (using Panopto)

If you want to make a desktop recording (either to camera or capturing your screen), we recommend using Panopto. If you are unfamiliar with using Panopto, and it isn’t currently installed on your laptop or PC, please refer to Blackboard Support’s page on Desktop recording to get started.

  • If you need a quiet room to record in, 3Q48B is available for this purpose. Please contact to arrange access to this room.
  • If your device does not have a good quality built-in microphone, a headset with mic can be loaned through the Project Room booking system (search for USB Audio Headset).


Desktop recording can be used for a variety of purposes, for example:

  • Short introductions to a module or programme.
  • Providing feedback to students.
  • Introducing a session study plan.
  • Providing revision guidance.
  • Summarising a teaching session.
  • Demonstrating software or a website.


Here’s a link to the LIU’s short Step by step guide – useful to keep to hand when you’re ready to start recording.

There is also a range of guidance available on UWE’s intranet on the Event capture training and guidance page. For convenience, we include the direct links below.

Top tips

  • Always do a short test recording to check the sound and picture.
  • Use a headset or external mic if possible; avoid using any mic built into the pc.
  • Record in a well lit room (daylight ideally).
  • Make sure the background is appropriate, not distracting and as uncluttered as possible; avoid personal effects on display and staff unintentionally captured in the background.
  • Your eyeline should be just where the top third of the screen starts; try not to cut off your head by being too close to the camera.
  • Avoid background noise if possible, especially other people talking.
  • Think about clothing choices and what message you’re trying to get across.
  • Keep recordings short (approximately five minutes); it is easier to create and edit for staff, and more manageable for students to view.
  • Consider preparing a draft script as a prompt; this can then be used as the basis for a transcript, useful for students who need an alternative format.


  • For help with any hardware related issues, please call IT Online on 0117 32 83612.
  • If you need any further help/guidance, please contact the LIU (3Q64 or

Read the article Contingency plan for move to online delivery for more information.