Editing recordings from Blackboard Collaborate using Panopto

Are you considering how to edit a recording from Blackboard Collaborate?

Please note that Collaborate is not designed for making stand-alone video resources, and as such there are no editing functions within Collaborate itself. If you need to edit a Collaborate recording you will need to download it and edit it with different software such as Panopto.

When to use this method

Before you start, consider the following:

  • If you know in advance that you want to create a lecture recording which can be edited and reused, it is best to make the recording in Panopto in the first place.
  • If you are recording a live lecture as a backup for people who are unable to attend, you are not normally expected to do any editing.

You may need to edit your Collaborate recordings if:

  • You want to create a nicely edited, reusable resource and you need to record student interactions as part of the resource – i.e. it is not a purely didactic lecture. Please note: for data protection reasons, recordings involving students should not be shared outside their cohort.
  • While doing a live webinar recording, you have inadvertently recorded personal or sensitive information which it is not appropriate to keep. In this case you should edit out the sensitive material, and then delete the original copy, as it will still be available to students in the Collaborate recordings. Note that even if a student was willing to share the information in a live session, they have a right to have it removed from the recording. If you have any concerns about GDPR please contact dataprotection@uwe.ac.uk or call 011732 86776. Always consider the student’s wellbeing and follow up with them if you have any concerns.
  • You had not planned to reuse the recording, but parts of it would be useful as a long-term resource and you want to capture these.

Possible drawbacks:

  • Text chat will not appear in the download of the video recording (if you play back the recording in the Collaborate Recording Player you can view the chat pane as you would in a session. It is not visible in the mp4 download, however). If you need to download the chat you can do so as a text file, but it will not be integrated with the video.
  • Your edited recordings will not be in the same place as your other Collaborate recordings. They will have to be added as a Panopto link.

Downloading from Collaborate

As a moderator, you will be able to download the recording regardless of the session settings (if you want students to be able to download the recording you will need to tick the appropriate box in the session settings).

Go to your Collaborate sessions in Blackboard and click on the menu in the black bar at the top. Select Recordings.

Screenshot of the Recordings menu item

Click on the three dots next to the recording you want, and select Download.

Screenshot of the Download menu item

Uploading to Panopto

In the Panopto cloud, go to the folder where you want to add the video. Click on ‘Create’ at the top and select ‘Upload media’.

Screenshot of the Upload Media menu item

Once it has uploaded, you can edit, share, deploy it to students and watch it back in the same way as you would a Panopto recording.

See our other articles on Panopto for more information.