Extending the desktop in teaching rooms

Sometimes you may want to display something different on the projected screen than on the podium PC screen.

For example:

  • when using PowerPoint presenter mode
  • when you want to stream the activity via Blackboard Collaborate
  • when you don’t want to share everything on the podium PC with students (emails, notifications, browser windows etc.)

Extended desktop effectively gives you two screens; the podium PC and the projector(s).

How to extend the desktop

Use the shortcut ‘WINDOWS KEY+P‘ to display the menu below and select ‘Extend’.

screen selection menu

PowerPoint presenter mode

Open the PowerPoint file and under the ‘slide show’ tab tick ‘Use Presenter View’. If you have extended the desktop you will see a choice of monitors. Select the monitor that describes the projected screen(s) (Extron/monitor 2).

PowerPoint presenter view menu

When you ‘play’ the PowerPoint the presentation will display on the monitor selected and the ‘presenter view’ will display on the podium PC.

Recording using Panopto

In Panopto the ‘Main Screen’ will be the podium PC screen which you may not wish to record. You should untick ‘Capture Main Screen’ and tick ‘Capture Second Screen’.

You can check the correct screen has been selected by clicking on the appropriate tab on the right hand side of the Panopto application.

panopto settings for extended desktop

Streaming the session using Blackboard Collaborate

In the ‘Share Content’ menu, under ‘Share Application/Screen’ select ‘Extron/Screen 2’ and click ‘Share’.

collaborate share screen menu

Sharing an application/browser window

Simply drag the applications window either left or right from the podium PC monitor onto screen 2 (the projected screen).


  • you need to extend the desktop first or you will not get the option for a second monitor in applications
  • when you have finished use ‘WINDOWS KEY+P‘ to return the room to duplicate displays to avoid confusion for the next person in the room


Article by Mike Clapp

Image courtesy of Pexels