FET Blackboard Module Template: Copying Content to a New Module Run

Please read in conjunction with the FET Blackboard Module Template 2021/22 page.

Please note with reference to accessibility:

  • With the move to more online delivery this year, it is even more important that your learning content on your module sites is accessible. So, before you copy over any content, you may find it useful to produce an Ally report on your current module, to check the accessibility rating of your content. If scores need improving, then now would be an ideal time to update your file/files and upload the new file/s to your new module run instead of copying over files that need updating.
  • You may also want to refer to the inline guidance on the Blackboard module template to create a clearly labelled, well-structured and easily navigable site, to help with accessibility.

If you do perform a full course copy, you will need to delete duplicate or redundant content from your new module run.

What happens if I do a full course copy?

  • There is no ‘bulk deletion’ of announcements available to you so each out of date announcement will need to be deleted one by one.
  • Menu items that include content that students can see by default (Communication Policy and Module Enhancement) will contain duplicated content so will require editing (e.g. two Communication Policy links).
  • Any advice to instructors will appear in duplicate (unless it was deleted from last year’s module run), and also any updated guidance for instructors is likely to be overlooked because the copied over guidance appears after the existing guidance (e.g. updated guidance on Session Study Plans under Learning Materials).

Recommended copying process

If it isn’t practical to start again and upload all your content manually, as suggested above, then we strongly recommend that you are selective and just copy over individual content areas from last year’s module run.

In Blackboard, in the old (source) course (in Edit mode): Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy to copy content to the new (destination) course. Then just tick ‘Learning Materials’ for example.

For full instructions, including guidance on copying Panopto recordings and Online Assessment, see the Blackboard Guidance instructions on copying courses, but please note two points:

  • We recommend that you DO NOT delete items from the new Course Menu before using Course Copy because doing so will delete the default advice available in the FET Blackboard template.
  • If you have complex content (e.g. presentations/zipped packages), then you must select the third option under 3. File Attachment on the course copy page, as shown below:

options for file attachments

This is because the second option (the default and recommended option) only takes a copy of the content in the content areas and not the other files that will have been uploaded to the Content Collection as part of the original upload process (for complex content), meaning, for example, any presentations or packaged files won’t work.

Organise the new (destination) course by moving, renaming and/or deleting content

To move Items or Folders to different locations select ‘Move’ from the contextual menu of an Item or Folder then choose the destination course and folder you want to move the content to.

contextual menu showing the Move option

To rename an item in the Course Menu select ‘Rename Link’ from the contextual menu and enter a new name.

Option for rename link shown in the main menu

To delete items from the Course Menu (e.g. duplicate or redundant items) select ‘Delete’ from the contextual menu.

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel from Pexels.