Film and Multimedia Production within the LIU

Steve Brown has been producing educational films within FET for over 15 years. As well as the Construction of Houses and Building History & Conservation series produced within the Video Project (now ERBE), he has also made many films that document and reinforce research and academic practice, public engagement films and learning objects for teaching and learning.

The Faculty of Environment and Technology is now formally offering this in-house film production across all departments. Housed within the Learning Innovation Unit, the following examples demonstrate the range of films and multimedia productions that the newly branded ‘FET TV’ will be able to offer.


Generally used for one-off or keynote lectures that would not be suitable or possible to capture using the pre-installed lecture capture hardware and software. A more polished product with high quality sound and picture, the presentation slides and other visual material are edited in afterwards and there is more control of the finished product.

Recent examples:

Technical Demonstrations

A technical demonstration can be captured very effectively and used as an alternative to delivering the same demonstration multiple times to different groups. It is also a permanent resource for revision. Recording is not usually done live but is best staged somewhat to allow multiple cameras, lighting and different angles.


The recording of a whole conference, including speakers and demonstrations, is possible and an increasingly popular way of enriching teaching and learning. Multiple cameras can be used and any slides or visual materials are edited in afterwards.

Recent examples:

‘Champion’ Films

These are more involved productions, usually part of a research or teaching project, and can be made in many different ways. A recent example was a film detailing the design critique process which was shot in a mock-documentary style and was very effective. From a production perspective, this type of film obviously takes longer to produce and is more involved for the academic.

Production, Delivery and Turnaround

Films are shot and edited using professional equipment and can be delivered in multiple formats for delivery via Blackboard, YouTube, Vimeo, tablets, mobile devices and on DVD or Blu-ray.

Lectures and conference recordings are usually turned around in one to two weeks. Technical demonstrations can take a little longer than this depending on the complexity and champion films vary depending on their scope.

For more information or to discuss a potential production, please contact Steve Brown in the Learning Innovation Unit.

Room: 3Q48a
Ext : 83008
E-mail :

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