Getting started with Mentimeter

This guidance complements the UWE guidance on Polling.

As you may be aware, UWE has adopted Mentimeter as the new polling tool for the University (TurningPoint has now been phased out). There will be more posts soon about how it can benefit students and the uses of polling to support learning, but for now here’s a quick post to get you started using the software.

The good news is, it’s very easy to pick up.

Signing in

As we have subscribed to Mentimeter, it works with Single Sign-On and all staff have an account. Go to and use your email address and password (or it may even log you in automatically). Alternatively go to and click ‘Log in’ at the top right, then click on ‘Log in with SSO’ and put UWE as the company name. If you’re already logged in, it will have ‘Your Presentations’ at the top right instead.

image of the mentimeter sign-in page


Creating a poll

You will start from your home page, or ‘dashboard’. This will list all your polls (called ‘presentations’). Click on New Presentation at the top of the list and give it a name to get started (don’t worry, you can change it later).

image of menu to create new presentation

Choose a slide type from the right-hand panel. Each one will have different options – explore some of them to get an idea how they work. Note the three tabs at the top of the right-hand panel, Type, Content and Customize. Under Type you can choose a slide type or see which one you have currently selected. Once you click on a slide type it will take you to the Content tab. If you want to go back and pick a new slide type, just go back to the Type tab. Content is where you will enter your poll questions. Customize lets you add images and change colours.

Some slide types give you different layout options. Again, you can just try them out to see how they work. For example, the Multiple Choice type gives you the options of Bars, Donut, Pie or Dots. Clicking on the options gives you a preview. You can even change this after you have received responses.

Collecting responses

Mentimeter is an entirely online platform that uses Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), i.e. participants can access it from their mobile phones or tablets – there are no clickers or extra pieces of hardware. The instructions for participants are at the top of each slide – simply go to and type in the code (note: is for creating presentations, is for responding to them).

Codes are automatically generated and change every few days. This doesn’t affect the presentation or the results.

In class, you would open your Mentimeter presentation and click on Present in the top right corner. Students access the presentation on their own devices, and you can see the results as they come in.

Try it yourself – set up a test presentation and access it from your mobile phone to see how it will look to students.

Getting help

Those are the basics – it really is easy to pick up by trying it out. But don’t worry, there will be more information here to help you soon. In the meantime you can explore Mentimeter’s own Help Center by clicking on Help in the top bar near the right of your screen. Or you can contact the LIU face to face in 3Q64, or email

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Photo by Graham Walker from Pexels