Give new life to your online topic material with Xerte

If your online topic material is relevant and rich, use it to create a new interactive resource using Xerte.

Why use Xerte?

Making a learning resource using Xerte means you can embed a range of interactive activities in your resource.  From quiz questions to labeling diagrams, gap-filling exercises to watching a video, Xerte enables you to produce a fully interactive and engaging learning resource.  What’s more, Xerte has valuable features such as staged release of individual pages (set the date and time you would like a page to appear or disappear) and the ability to make a non-linear resource (send students who answer a quiz question with option 1 to page X, send those who select option 2 to page Y, for example).

Things to consider

Ensure your material is up to date

Carry out a thorough review of your online topic material before you start working on your new resource. There will be new knowledge, new legislation, as well as new examples or resources that you will want to refer to in your latest version of this material.  Similarly, if your online topic contained links to external material, ensure the source material is still available.

Evaluate the material for opportunities to be interactive

Your online topic material may already include activities such as short answer questions, however, there may be a more effective or engaging means of developing or assessing knowledge and understanding in this resource.  As a result, take this opportunity to evaluate your resource for opportunities to make learning active and effective, bearing in mind the broad range of tools offered by Xerte (and, indeed, other learning technologies).


Contact the LIU ( if you would like to breathe new life into your online topic content by using it as the basis for a new interactive resource.  Together, we can discuss your ideas and help you to select the most effective tools to meet your learning objectives.

Image credit: “xIMG_3920” by platycryptus is licensed under CC BY