Grade Mapping in Blackboard

There is no formal training on how to grade map in Blackboard. Instead, staff can access e-learning content by clicking on the ‘Launch the e-learning’ button on UWE’s Blackboard grade mapping Training Course page. You will need to type in your UWE login details to access the content on Blackboard. Here staff will find easy-to-follow step-by-step clear instructions, which will only take a few minutes to follow:

  • a short checklist of actions
  • short videos on each stage of the process, or a 5 minute video on ‘All the Essentials in 1 video’ (the guidance is very clear)
  • a printable pdf manual (although this is 44 pages in length, this includes a lot of blank space, and the steps are very clear and easy to follow)
  • support contact details