How to download an audio-only file from Panopto

This article outlines how to download an audio-only file from Panopto. You may want to use audio files in Xerte resources you make, for example, in which case the smaller the file the better, or to create podcasts for online learning.

Audio files tend to be much smaller than video files. A 12MB video file (of 50 seconds duration) when downloaded from Panopto as an audio-only file is less than 1MB. This means they are easier for students to consume over the Internet than a video – important when students may have limited Internet connectivity, particularly on a mobile device.

For any recording you have saved in Panopto there is the option to download it as an ‘Audio Podcast’. It doesn’t matter whether the original recording was audio-only or if it included video too, when you choose to download the recording as an Audio Podcast the downloaded file will only contain sound.

Here’s how to do it:screenshot from Panopto with arrows pointing to the Outputs tab and Download Audio Podcast link

  1. Make your recording in Panopto in the usual way. (If you want to record audio only, just select a microphone before you press Record, there is no need to choose a camera. But as mentioned above, it doesn’t matter if you also record video at this stage – when you download the recording as and Audio Podcast any video content will be stripped out.)
  2. Once you have made and saved your recording in Panopto, go to the UWE Panopto cloud and find it.
  3. Hover your mouse cursor over the recording and click the Share button.
  4. Click Outputs on the left.
  5. Scroll down to the Audio Podcast section and click Download Audio Podcast.

You may notice that the downloaded file type is .mp4. Don’t worry, although this file type is usually used for video (whereas .mp3 is usually for audio), it will only contain audio, and it will work fine in Xerte resources where audio files are required.