Hybrid teaching made simple – using a document cam

How to use and share a document cam in hybrid teaching.

This article is an extension to the guide Hybrid teaching made simple.

  • Please note that document cams cannot be shared on BB Collaborate and used as a Panopto stream simultaneously. Recordings should be made using BB Collaborate.

Step 1

On the Extron podium control panel:

  1. Click on ‘DOC CAM’/’Visualiser’.
  2. Select the projector/s you wish to display to.

image of extron control box

Step 2

In the BB Collaborate ‘Share Content’ tab, click on ‘Share camera’ and select the appropriate source (usually prefixed AVer).

doc cam sharing on collaborate

In some room types (TEAL rooms/lecture theatres) the source may be described as ‘USB Capture HDMI’.

image of source to use for a visualiser

Step 3

When finished reverse the steps above.

  1. Stop sharing the document cam in BB Collaborate.
  2. Share the correct screen again in BB Collaborate.
  3. On the Extron panel click on ‘PC’ and then select the projectors to display the PowerPoint or other content being used.


Article by Mike Clapp

Image courtesy of Pexels