Hybrid teaching made simple

How to set up a hybrid teaching session using BB Collaborate, share projected screens and monitor the chat using just one monitor (the lectern PC).

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Step 1

Open display settings (type ‘display settings’ in the search bar on the bottom left of the screen).

display settings

Step 2

Change ‘Multiple displays’ to ‘Extend these displays’.

Note: the shortcut for changing display settings is to use WINDOWS KEY + P

Remember to change back to ‘Duplicate these displays’ at the end of the session to avoid confusing the next person in the room.

extend displays

Step 3

Open Blackboard Collaborate  and adjust the window so that it uses half of the podium monitor. Select the correct video and audio sources.

Note: the shortcut for moving windows around the screen is to use WINDOWS KEY + LEFT/RIGHT ARROW

blackboard collaborate

Step 4

Open the PowerPoint file and under the ‘Slide Show’ tab tick ‘Presenter View’ and select the appropriate monitor option (Extron/Monitor 2 – the projector/s).

presenter view

Step 5

‘Play’ the PowerPoint and organise the desktop so that the ‘Presenter View’ is next to the Collaborate window.

BlackBoard and PowerPoint

Step 6

In BB Collaborate share the appropriate screen (in this example ‘screen 2’ is the screen that the PowerPoint is presenting to).

image of screen selection in collaborate

Step 7

Switch to the chat panel, click record and start your session. You will only need to look at one screen (the podium) to view and control the PowerPoint you are displaying and monitor the chat in Collaborate.

final image of podium pc screen

Step 8

Use WINDOWS KEY + P to leave the PC in duplicate mode at the end of the session to avoid confusing the next person in the room.


Article by Mike Clapp

Image courtesy of Pexels