Kaltura (desktop recording)


Kaltura can be used to store and manage audio and video files that need to be published in Blackboard and elsewhere for your students.

The Kaltura CaptureSpace recording software was replaced in August 2019 with the new Kaltura Capture software. Staff can do desktop recordings using the Kaltura Capture recorder, although we recommend that staff familiar with Panopto may be better doing Desktop recording (using Panopto) instead of learning how to use the new Kaltura Capture recorder.

As students do not have access to Panopto to make recordings, they will need to use Kaltura for this purpose, typically for assessment purposes.

Getting started

  • UWE’s Blackboard Guidance page on Kaltura contains comprehensive guidance.
  • For a quick start guide, the page on Kaltura Capture – Record a Presentation has the most important information about how to install the Kaltura Capture recorder, how to start recording, and how to upload the recording into My Media.
  • Staff will need to refer students to the specific Kaltura guidance for students webpage which takes students through installing Kaltura Capture, how to use it, and how to submit their recording through Kaltura Media as a part of an assignment.

Good practice

  • Practise making a few recordings before publishing for others to see.
  • When recording your computer screen, do not speak too quickly or move your mouse around excessively.
  • Be aware of what private or sensitive information could be inadvertently revealed; remember to close any email systems; and beware of private or sensitive information shown on your computer screen.
  • If you are using a webcam, try to do so in a quiet place and make sure whatever is behind you is okay to be seen by others. Contact Steve Brown if you would like to use 3Q48B which has been set up particularly for this purpose.


If your problem relates to any of the equipment such as a microphone or a camera not working, or any other aspect of the AV/IT equipment, then please contact ITS on extension 123 or visit an IT Service desk.

If you are having issues with the Kaltura software and Blackboard, for example you are unable to upload media or make it available to your Blackboard programme or module, or any other issue that is focused on the software, please contact ITonline@uwe.ac.uk.