Learning and Development digital consultation for your team

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The following content is provided by the Learning Development Centre. Please contact them at ldc@uwe.ac.uk for further information.

The Learning and Development (LDC) digital learning consultants are offering a new service to support your team with their digital skills development.

UWE have committed to developing their staff using the JISC model of digital capability. You may have seen the JISC digital capability tool advertised through your faculty.

The JISC model covers 6 key areas of digital capability. The LDC are focusing on digital skills development based on the understanding that:

Digital skills + knowledge+ understanding = Digital capability

We are laying the foundations to allow staff to feel confident to develop.

We are offering all teams in faculties and professional services the following:

We will…

  • Attend team meetings to explain what is meant by digital skills and capability introducing the JISC digital capability tool
  • Introduce the LDC Digital Skills programme (see next page for more details)
  • Provide the bronze level programme for groups of more than 8 people
  • Work with you and your team to identify skills gaps
  • Signpost to relevant training opportunities in response to those gaps
  • Provide training sessions from our portfolio for groups of more than 8 people at a time that is suitable for you and your team

If you are interested in working with us, please contact ldc@uwe.ac.uk using the subject header: digital skills

Introduction to the digital skills programme

We have split the JISC model into 3 levels bronze, silver, and gold:

Bronze: ICT Proficiency and Productivity & Digital Identity and Wellbeing

This covers familiarity with computing terms, troubleshooting, key foundation digital skills, keeping safe online and managing your wellbeing in a digital space

Silver: Communication, Collaboration and Participation & Information Data and Media Literacy

This covers tools available that support communication, collaboration and participation with students, your team, and the wider UWE community, managing files, copyright, and tools available to manage data

Gold: Digital Learning and Development and Digital Creation, Problem Solving and Innovation

This covers tools available for learning and teaching online and exploration of online digital creativity ideas problem solving online and examples of digital innovation.


Each level consists of two eLearning modules and two or three webinars depending in the level. The aim is to encourage curiosity and show the benefits of digital skills, so staff want to learn more. None of the content explains how to use apps/ software, but we demonstrate various learning tools, and we raise awareness around the tools available and signpost to further training.

We have upskilled approx. 100 staff members now to the bronze level and many have progressed onto the silver and gold levels. This is some of the feedback:

“Excellent course and learning, it’s increased my digital confidence substantially”

“I think this is a really good programme. I had considered myself a hardened IT pro, but there is always something to learn, especially around the “softer skills”. I am going to recommend this to my teams, and hope that it continues. Well done for putting together a really engaging programme. My favourite phrase: ‘per ardua ad astra'”

“Great course – I have long thought some IT stuff should be mandatory for both staff and students when they start at UWE and this is great! Thank you 😊”

If you are interested in working with us, please contact ldc@uwe.ac.uk using the subject header: digital skills



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