Learning Technology workshop for academics

“Kaltura looks like a really useful software application that could be used in a number of ways to support delivery.”

Dr Alison Todman, CSCT.

When staff in the department of Computer Science and Creative Technologies wanted to learn more about using Kaltura to enhance their teaching, they contacted the LIU for tailor-made support.  The result was a bespoke learning technology workshop delivered by Oli and Sophie on Wednesday 7th March.

Designed to address the group’s specific goals and needs, the workshop covered:

  • How to make a new screencapture or webcam recording
  • How to make a new recording of a presentation (capturing PowerPoint, computer screen and webcam)
  • How to carry out simple editing
  • How to publish recordings on a Blackboard module site
  • How to turn a Kaltura recording into an interactive video quiz, and
  • How to view the results of the quiz in the Blackboard Grade Centre (Kaltura software is accessed via Blackboard)

Supported by group demonstrations, simple crib sheets and expert 1:1 support, the workshop was an opportunity for teaching staff to not only learn how to use Kaltura for specific purposes but to also experiment at their own pace in a supportive environment, and proved to be a positive experience for all involved.

If you or your colleagues would like to attend a tailor-made learning technology workshop, or receive 1:1 support, focusing on a technology or a topic of your choice, please contact the LIU.