Making the most of the Calendar in Blackboard

The calendar in Blackboard is useful for keeping track of events across multiple modules in one place. It is also useful for giving students a clear idea of when you are available, and when events are happening across their courses. The calendar can be shared to external calendars, making it easy to see all upcoming meetings and assignments in one place.

You can access the calendar in Blackboard from the menu on the left-hand side of the screen to see an overall view of your month, or from within a module to see only occurrences within that course. Adding the calendar tool to a module allows students to access their schedule in a much more visual way, and plan more effectively as a result.

Blackboard calendar in month view

Adding office hours to your calendar

Adding office hours to your calendar on Blackboard enables you to set specific times for when you are available, that students can see, enabling you to and them to plan time effectively. Hours can be set in general on your global calendar, or specified for each module, restricting the event to those on that module.

Go to the plus sign in the top right to add office hours.

Blackboard calendar in month view with "Add Office Hours" button highlighted

Office hours are set as a repeating event, and you can specify how often they occur and their location.

Blackboard calendar showing the "Add Office Hours" tool

Filtering what you see on your calendar

By changing the view of the calendar from “Schedule” to “Due Dates”, you can filter it to only show events that have a due date set. This provides a streamlined view of deadlines and submission events.

Switch between the two buttons on the left under the “Calendar” heading.

Blackboard calendar showing the "Due Dates" view.

Adding a calendar to a module

By adding the calendar tool to a module, you and everyone on that course can see a calendar specific to that module, without any other personal information on it.

Once added to the module, the calendar tool will appear in the menu on the left hand-side of the page.

Blackboard calendar in module view.

Further information

Take a look at these YouTube videos by Chris Moore, senior lecturer in HAS.


Photo by Olya Kobruseva from Pexels