Mentimeter – converting previous polls

This guidance complements the UWE guidance on Polling.

Mentimeter is great for people who haven’t used polling in the classroom before as it is simple to use. Unfortunately, if you have been using a different polling system there is no easy way to convert pre-existing polls to Mentimeter format. You will need to set up a Mentimeter presentation from scratch and copy and paste the text of your questions into the appropriate place on the slides. See the Getting started with Mentimeter article or use Mentimeter’s own guides.

The good news is you may well find some new functionality from your previous system. There are Scales, Ranking, Open Ended and Word Cloud question types, as well as Multiple Choice. You can have up to eight answer options, and you can display the results in a variety of ways.

Here are a few things to bear in mind when converting polls to Mentimeter.


Mentimeter suggests three ways you can use PowerPoint and Mentimeter together; however for the purposes of accessibility our recommendation is the ‘Combine Apps’ approach. Mentimeter works best in a browser, rather than embedded into PowerPoint, and importing slides from PowerPoint to Mentimeter pastes them in as images, so the text is inaccessible. The recommended method is to open both presentations in full screen and use Alt + Tab to toggle between them.

Clicking on the ‘question mark’ button on the top right of the ‘My presentations’ page gives access to further guidance and support.

Using PowerPoint menu

Content slides

You can add non-polling content to your presentation by using Content slides (also called Quick Slides). These may be a heading, image, bullet points or short paragraph. On the one hand, they are fairly limited. On the other hand, this will help you keep your presentation simple – it’s bad practice to use lots of text on a slide in any case.

image of content slide menu

These slides can be made interactive – you can allow ‘reactions’ such as thumbs up or down. This may be useful as a quick temperature check to see whether your students feel they understand a concept. You can always disable them if you find them distracting.

image of content slide content menu



There are four ways you can add images to your presentation.

1. You can incorporate an image into the question itself, which will appear on the students’ device along with the poll.adding images first method


2. You can use an Image Choice question type.

adding images second method


3. You can add a content slide with an image.

adding images third method


4. You can add a background to your slides under the Customize tab.

adding images fourth method


If you need anything more complicated, you may have to use PowerPoint for your images – but be aware of when you will need to switch between your presentations and what the students will need to be able to see at any given point.

If you are having difficulty converting your presentations, the LIU are happy to help. Email or drop in to 3Q64.

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