Mentimote: control your Mentimeter slides from your mobile device

Mentimote is part of the Mentimeter polling tool and it allows you to use your smartphone or other mobile device as a remote control for your Mentimeter presentations.

You will need to have set up multi-factor authentication to use Mentimeter on your smartphone.

To set up Mentimote on your phone

Log in to your UWE Mentimeter account on your phone as follows:

  • Go to
  • Select the SSO option below the regular sign-in
  • Type ‘UWE’ as the organisation
  • Sign in with your usual email address and password
  • Approve the MFA request when prompted

Now you can access your presentations.


From the homepage, click on the three dots next to the presentation you want. This brings up the icon bar for extra options. Select the pointer icon to open Mentimote.

Screenshot of icon bar


Click on the presentation to open it in edit mode. Click on the three dots at the top to open the menu and select ‘Mentimote’.

Screenshot of menu

The Mentimote interface

In Mentimote, you can:

  1. Hide/View Results
  2. Open/Close Voting
  3. Show/Hide image on a question slide
  4. Show results as numbers or percentage
  5. Perform other actions relevant to the slide, such as show correct answer
  6. Move forwards and backwards through the slides
  7. Manage questions from the audience, if you have Q&A set up

Screenshot of Mentimote interface

To present

If you are in a classroom, Mentimote allows you to move around the room rather than be tied to the lectern. If you are using Mentimeter in a webinar, Mentimote means you can have the webinar view on your screen and keep up with the text chat, while still controlling your slides. To use with Blackboard Collaborate:

  1. Enter your Collaborate session using the Chrome browser on your computer.
  2. Open Mentimeter in a new tab in your browser.
  3. Go to your presentation and click on Present.
  4. Press Esc to get out of full screen mode.
  5. In Collaborate, go to Share Application.
  6. Use the Share Chrome Tab option to pick the tab that has the Mentimeter presentation in it. Now you should see the Mentimeter presentation as shared to your students.
  7. Use Mentimote on your phone to move through slides, hide or show results etc.

See the Mentimeter help page on Mentimote.


Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels