MyLearning staff development hub

The Learning and Development Centre (LDC) have launched a new system which allows you to search for training courses, make bookings, access e-learning and see your learning records all in one place. MyLearning is a new learning management system for staff training; you can read more about it in the Intranet news article.

For training on Blackboard, Panopto, Mentimeter, Microsoft Teams, accessibility and more, take a look at the Digital Skills section (click to access with single sign-on if prompted). We recommend all teaching staff do the LDC training on the teaching tools they plan to use and on digital accessibility.

Access MyLearning


Once you have learned the basics, we in the LIU are happy to help you get the most from the tools in your particular context. Email us at

You can also use the Support link at the top of this page to access MyLearning and other key training and support information.


Photo by Three-shots from Pexels