*New Aug 19: Kaltura submissions – what do I need to tell my students?

For staff who want students to submit a video recording as an assignment, here is some standard text that can be sent to the students. You would need to set up a test assignment in addition to the formal assignment, if you want your students to do a practice run (which is strongly recommended).

[Select Word version of Kaltura instructions for students and copy contents in to Blackboard.]


Please note: it is important to stress that creating a recording using Kaltura and submitting it as an assignment is a two stage process. Kaltura has a maximum file size limit of 2GBs which should be sufficient for most submissions. It is also good practice to do a short test recording well in advance of the submission date, and don’t leave it until the last minute as file size and broadband speeds may affect upload times.

Here are the two stages:

  1. Creating the recording and uploading it using Kaltura Media (which is integrated with Blackboard). These are the detailed instructions:
  2. Submitting the recording via Assignments: Submitting Assignments. [This includes detailed information about submitting Kaltura Media files.]

There is further student guidance on the Blackboard Student Support pages under Kaltura Media (which includes information on how to edit your My Media files).