Please note the GDPR position and support model

We currently do not have a signed GDPR agreement with Padlet. However, it can be used with students as long as they are not being asked to set up a Padlet account. They can participate fully without an account. Please also be aware of this if students are sharing sensitive/private information. As this is currently not a core UWE teaching technology, there is no support model in place and no training available.


Padlet is a bit like a wall where you can virtually stick post-it notes, only the post-it notes can contain all kinds of different media – from simple text to video. The wall can be shared with all the students, and they can see each others’ posts.

Suggestions for use include brainstorming and icebreaker activities.

There are so many different ways that Padlet can be used. It’s not currently widely used in FET, but our colleagues in ACE have developed some training resources,  and shared some great examples of what they use it for. Please note, though, that ACE has a licence, so some of the examples may include additional activities that are not available with the free version.

Photo by Tim Mossholder from Pexels